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Thread: Question about vBadvanced CMPS and vBadvanced Dynamics

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    Exclamation Question about vBadvanced CMPS and vBadvanced Dynamics

    Is it possible to run both of these programs together on one vbulletin install?

    For instance, I currently use vBadvanced CMPS as the main page of my vbulletin website and would prefer to keep it that way.

    However, I also have a need for vBadvanced Dynamics. I have a usergroup on my website (called Creative Team) who are responsible for planning fun activities and events for the rest of the members of the website to participate in. I'd like to be able to give my Creative Team a 'space' all their own in which they can add articles, information, and a photo or two about their events and activities on their own accord without requiring me to continually update the modules. vBadvanced Dynamics seems to be the answer to what I'm looking for BUT can it co-exist with a vBadvanced CMPS install OR does it have to be one program or the other?

    I would sincerely appreciate any information you may be able to provide

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    Default Re: Question about vBadvanced CMPS and vBadvanced Dynamics


    Absolutely you can run both on the same site! They will appear as two seperate menu options in your ACP, will use seperate tables, etcetera.

    As a rule of thumb Brian makes all of the vBadvanced products as individual products meaning that there is no requirement for somebody to running vBa X product in order to run vBa Y product.

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