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    Default Latest PhotoPost Comments Module

    This module will display the latest 5 (configurable) comments from PhotoPost Pro including the associated photo thumbnails.

    I noticed there was a similar module posted here as well, but the code wasn't working on my installation so I constructed my own.

    Tested and working on VB 3.68, VBA CMPS v3.0 RC1, PP Pro 5.6.2, don't know if it will work otherwise.

    1. Open pp_latestcomments.php and make the changes as annotated. Save and upload to your vBadvanced modules folder.

    2. Add 2 new templates (Code below - included in .zip also):



    Replace the two instances of YOURGALLERYURL with your gallery root folder url (ie: and the one instance of YOURVBULLETINURL with your vBulletin root folder url (ie:

    	<td class="alt1" align="left">
    		<span class="smallfont"><a href="http://YOURGALLERYURL/showphoto.php?photo=$pp_latestcomments[photo]"><strong>$pp_latestcomments[title]</strong></a><br>$pp_latestcomments[comment]<br>by <a href="http://YOURVBULLETINURL/member.php?u=$pp_latestcomments[userid]">$pp_latestcomments[username]</a>
    	<td class="alt2" align="center">
    		<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" border="0">
    				<td style="background: url(http://YOURGALLERYURL/data/$pp_latestcomments[cat]/thumbs/$pp_latestcomments[bigimage]); background-color: #FAFAF8; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: center;"><a href="http://YOURGALLERYURL/showphoto.php?photo=$pp_latestcomments[photo]"><center>$pp_latestcomments[thumb]</center></a>
    		<span class="smallfont">Rating:$pp_latestcomments[rating]</span>
    3. Navigate to vBulletin admincp / vBa CMPS / Add Module / PHP File:

    Module Title: Latest Gallery Comments
    Active: Yes
    File to Include: pp_latestcomments.php
    Module Parent: None
    Identifier: pplatestcomments
    Templates Used:
    Initialize BB Code Parser: No
    Initialize Forum Permissions: No
    Initialize Moderator Cache/Permissions: No
    Initialize Ignored Users: No
    Clean File Output: No
    Title Row Colspan: 2

    Place module where desired.

    4. Done
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