vBadvanced Dynamics v1.0 RC2 has just been released and is now available in the Members' Area for current license holders. For those who are not familiar with vBa Dynamics, please see the product info page for more details.

1.0 RC2 is mostly a maintenance release to fix any currently known bugs. There are also a few new features and options, which are as follows:

  • New Admin CP tool (under "Manage User Modules / Layouts") to "forcefully" add a module to your members' custom layouts in the location you specify. This is useful if you decide to add a new module, or decide that you want an existing module to be added to all of your members' custom layouts.
    Searching for a member in the "Manage User Modules / Layouts" link will now allow you to edit their layouts via the Admin CP in addition to editing their custom modules.
  • New "Show Multi-Page Navigation Box" setting that will display a box with links to each entry's page (if it has multiple pages) to the right of the entry's message. See this thread for an example.
  • Sorting options on the user side when viewing Members' Categories to allow you to sort the members category according to the number of entries, replies, last entry, and last post.
  • New setting to limit the length of filenames for newly submitted attachments.
  • New setting for the What's New module to allow you to only display new entries from the category you are currently viewing, if you are viewing a category.
  • New setting for the My Categories module to only display categories that are a sub-category of the one you are currently viewing.
  • New choice in the "Fields to Display" setting for the My Categories module to allow you to display category icons in the module.
  • New setting to allow you to specify a different value for the width of the quick reply box when viewing an entry (helps for those with fixed styles and modules enabled on the "Show Entry" page).
  • When emptying a category through the Admin CP, you now have the choice to also empty it's sub-categories.
  • New setting for the Guest Book module to limit "View All" link to only show guest book replies made in the category the link was followed from. A new "View Replies From All Categories" link has also been added when this setting is enabled to still allow users to view all guest book replies from any category.

File changes since RC1
  • dynamics/attachment.php
  • dynamics/browsecategory.php
  • dynamics/dyna_global.php
  • dynamics/guestbook.php
  • dynamics/index.php
  • dynamics/moderate.php
  • dynamics/newattachment.php
  • dynamics/newentry.php
  • dynamics/showentry.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_categories.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_main.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_modules.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_permissions.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_adminfunctions.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_class.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions_cats.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions_saveentry.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_include_modules.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_plugin_sf.php
  • forum/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_mycats.php

Template Changes Since RC1
  • adv_dyna_categorybit_level1
  • adv_dyna_categorybit_level2
  • adv_dyna_entrybit_deleted
  • adv_dyna_module_categorylistbits

New Templates
  • adv_dyna_showentry_pagelinkbits

As usual, upgrade instructions may be found at the bottom of the readme.html file that comes with the download package.