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Thread: vBadvanced CMPS paid - unpaid ?

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    Question vBadvanced CMPS paid - unpaid ?

    vBadvanced CMPS to use paid - unpaid
    to know vBadvanced CMPS unpaid(free) but member area licensed

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    Default Re: vBadvanced CMPS paid - unpaid ?

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    vBa CMPS is still 100% free. Note that it is still copyrighted software and can not be redistributed (in other words, it is not open source software but rather viewable source commercial software that happens to be free).

    When you download CMPS you are given an option to have a vBa staff member install it and/or to purchase a branding free license. Both of those are strictly optional. When you continue going through the screens you can then download your free copy of vBa CMPS.

    The only thing that has changed recently is everybody who downloads their free copy of vBa CMPS is now assigned a vBa CMPS license number which means that you must now enter the URL where the vBa CMPS package will be installed. Other than that, nothing else has changed.

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    Default Re: vBadvanced CMPS paid - unpaid ?

    Edit--Me and KW802 said the same thing

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