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    Brian (or anyone else really )

    I'd like to get some suggestions around how we would modify the $customfieldbits field to allow the ability to do $customfieldbits1, $customfieldbits2, etc.

    The idea being that each custom field stored in the DB would get assigned to a single variable, that way we could easily in the templates arrange the screens however we wanted.

    My entry screen is very non standard and I really need the ability to place each custom field wherever I need to within the screen.

    I am going to attempt this on my own, but any suggestions or feedback is most welcome.

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    Got the effect I was looking for, and it was pretty simple too.

    Open functions_vba_links_savelink.php.

    eval('$cfbits .= "' . fetch_template('adv_links_addlink_custombits') . '";');

    Comment the line out and put in its place:

    eval('$cfbits[] = "' . fetch_template('adv_links_addlink_custombits') . '";');

    Once you have done that, open template ADV_LINKS_ADD_EDIT:



    and replace it with:


    Disclaimer: If you decide to do this, I take no responsibility whatsoever for the impact it may have on your site! it appears to work so far, but I am by no means an expert!!
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