vBadvanced CMPS and vBadvanced Dynamics may seem similar, though they are actually very different. The main, and about the only real similarity between the two products is that they use about the same module system, allowing you to easily manage the "blocks" that you see and add or remove different elements (modules) from the pages of each product.

vBadvanced CMPS
vBadvanced CMPS is almost completely reliant on these modules and your vBulletin forums since each of it's modules simply pulls content from your forums. It's most common use is as a web site's homepage or portal, and many use it to add and manage additional pages of site content which can include the style and other elements (modules) from your forum around the content of the page.
It's unique features include the ability to add new pages through the Admin CP, allowing you to add your own custom content in the form of BB code, a vBulletin template, or even include the content from a HTML or PHP file on your server. vBadvanced CMPS also includes the "Integration" system, allowing you to easily integrate (or "wrap" the CMPS around) other vBulletin powered files through the Admin CP without the need to alter any of your vBulletin files. The CMPS's page and integration systems are unique to the CMPS and are not included in vBadvanced Dynamics.

vBadvanced Dynamics
vBadvanced Dynamics is intended to be an extremely versatile system that can be used to categorize and manage all kinds of content including article posting, file sharing, user blogs, and just about anything similar. Unlike the CMPS, it is not so dependant on your forums. It still requires vBulletin for a back-end, but has it's own systems and features for managing it's content. It includes a huge array of over 200 settings allowing you to control most every aspect of the program through the Admin CP, easily changing how your content is displayed depending on what is best for your needs. Instead of simply displaying content from your forums as the CMPS does, vBa Dynamics has it's own database tables and systems to allow you to submit entries, replies, attachments, and etc, making it completely independent from your forums in those aspects. Some of the options included with the entries is the ability to include attachments (along with several options to control what types of files can be posted, how attachments are displayed, and etc), reply to entries, ratings, categories and members' categories, spider friendly URL's, private entries, drafts along with the ability to set a "publishing" date and time, and much more. For a more complete list, please see the vBadvanced Dynamics product info page.

Module Compatibility
Most of the modules that are created for the CMPS (or included by default) can also be used in vBadvanced Dynamics. However, due to vBadvanced Dynamics' unique system of allowing multiple instances, most vBa Dynamics modules will not be compatible with the CMPS without some alterations. Both products include a "Download / Upload Module" link in the Admin CP, which will allow you to easily transfer modules between products.

Can I use Both?
Absolutely. Both products can be installed and used on the same web site without any conflicts or problems.

More Questions?
Please start a new thread with any questions you may have and we will be happy to answer them for you.