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Thread: Last post link in archives is corrupted

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    Default Last post link in archives is corrupted

    I have upgrade 2.2 to 3.0rc2 and some links to last post in archive module is bad.
    The link to the thread is correct:
    but the link to the last post is:

    The same link in forum is correct but not in portal.


    Thank you


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    Default Re: Last post link in archives is corrupted

    Try looking in your modules/news.php file for this code:
    PHP Code:
    SELECT $ratingsql thread.threadidpost.titlethread.replycountpostusernamepostuseridthread.dateline AS postdatelinestickythread.attachthread.lastpostidthread.lastposteruser.*, thread.lastpost, IF(views<=thread.replycountthread.replycount+1views) AS viewsthread.forumidpost.postidpagetext 
    Replace with this:
    PHP Code:
    SELECT $ratingsql user.*, thread.threadidpost.titlethread.replycountpostusernamepostuseridthread.dateline AS postdatelinestickythread.attachthread.lastpostidthread.lastposterthread.lastpost, IF(views<=thread.replycountthread.replycount+1views) AS viewsthread.forumidpost.postidpagetext 
    And that should take care of the problem.

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    Default Re: Last post link in archives is corrupted

    Nice ! It's ok now.

    Thanks Brain.

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    Default Re: Last post link in archives is corrupted


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