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Thread: [Bug] $bgclass not initialized

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    Default [Bug] $bgclass not initialized

    When CMPS is integrated with other scripts (like showthread.php), the bgclass for the displayed modules is not constant - it depends on the last bgclass used by the host script.

    It's confusig to have the navigation module in alt1 on forumhome, while it might be alt1 or alt2 in threads

    I therefore suggest to initialize $bgclass to alt1 before processing modules.

    For those who need a fix now, I'v attached a plugin.
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    Default Re: [Bug] $bgclass not initialized

    Isn't the Process PHP File Modules Within A Function setting for problems like this?

    I can't test it out, so I'm probably wrong.. and I guess a "real" fix is always helpful.

    Subliminal message: (Brian should beg you to become a dev--you seem to know the code better than Brian at times. =p)

    Thanks, Kirby.

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    Default Re: [Bug] $bgclass not initialized

    The modules are processed within function print_portal_output() anyway, no matter what the setting is

    The problem is that exec_switch_bg() uses a global variable, and CMPS does not re-initialize it before processing the modules - so it is in the state it was after processing the normal script (eg. showthread.php, etc.)

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