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Thread: [Module] Recent VB Blogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by G3MM4 View Post

    - To work with vBulletin 3.7.4;
    - To work with vBBlogs 2.0.0;
    - To have options that can be configured in the backend instead of having to edit files;
    - To have author, blog title, latest blog post, date blog was started, date of latest blog post and author's avatar - all should be configurable via the backend;
    - To have the number of blogs configurable via the backend.
    yes would be nice

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    Default vbBlog Module by vBadvanced Developer!!!

    Sorry but the only person who should be developing a module for vbBlog is the developer of vBadvanced directly. Why?... Because he is the only one with a full clue on how to make fully integrated modules that actually work! vbBlog is a major addition to vbulletin. A blog module should now be standard included stuff in vbadvanced that has the same power as the recent threads module that comes with vbadvanced. Until that happens we are going to have to put up with half-a$$ed attempts at working modules for the blog and blog comments.

    Look at all the great options the "Recent Threads" built in module has. Now thats a Blog module waiting to happen that is so needed! Lets just get together and ask the vbadvanced developer (beg him) to make one for us. I for one would pay him for it!

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    At this point, I don't think they will ever update this mod. They should probably just close this thread.

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    Tried this module, but it won't work. I now installed a hack vom and modified it a bit (put the variables in global phases and setup a new template with the template-edits).

    It does work very well.

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    what is the name of this hack from and which are the changes you have done in details? thanks

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    working with 3.8 vb blog 2 and vba 3.1.0

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    Thanks you are my hero

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    Anyone who is having problems with this can probably fix it with a simple edit.

    In modules/vb_blogs.php, where it has the following:
    SELECT blogid, title, username, dateline, userid, views
    FROM vb3_blog
    WHERE blog.state='visible' and blog.pending=0
    ORDER BY dateline DESC
    LIMIT 15;
    You need to change it to:
    SELECT blogid, title, username, dateline, userid, views
    FROM XXX_blog
    WHERE state='visible' and pending=0
    ORDER BY dateline DESC
    Where XXX_ is equal to the prefix on your database tables for vbulletin and YYY is equal to the amount of entries you want shown. - Most active standalone Atlanta Braves forum on the internet

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    anybody found out how to add an avatar in front of the blog title????

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    Thanks, great module!! : )

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