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Thread: Link "already in database" is not already in database.

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    Default Link "already in database" is not already in database.


    I added a link to an Amazon book page for
    a specific book. I then tried to add a link for
    another book, also at Amazon, but with a
    very different URL. Here is the response
    that vBA Links gave:

    The URL ( is already in our database. We're sorry, but duplicate URL's are not allowed. Please click here if you would like to view the existing entry for this link.

    Why is this considered a duplicate link when only
    the domain is the same? Why is this the default behavior?


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    Default Re: Link "already in database" is not already in database.

    It's done that way to prevent links such as '' and '' from being able to go through. We will most likely be adding an option in the next version that will allow you to choose whether to allow exact duplicate links and/or duplicate domains.

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