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Thread: Online Users Module Display Problem

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    Default Online Users Module Display Problem


    downloaded the latest version of CMPS - compatible with 3.6/3.7 and after I uploaded the Users Online module spat it and pushed all of the modules on the right underneath the rest of the page .....

    Have some of the modules or templates changed??

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    Default Re: Have the Modules changed??

    Ah-Ha ....

    I'll answer my own Question here !!

    It appears they have .... if I upload the module that came with the last version I downloaded (vbadvanced_cmps_3_0_rc2_(vb_3_6) around November 2007 then it owrks fine - it's the latest version module that spits it ...

    after checking there is extra code within the new module ...

    I've uploaded the old module and it's back to normal ....

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    Default Re: Have the Modules changed??

    I found that the who's online module will not display correctly when placed in left or right colums

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    Default Re: Online Users Module Display Problem

    It looks like a small new bug was introduced while I was fixing another. I've just applied the fix for this to the download package here, so if you will download the files again and replace your forum/includes/vba_cmps_global.php file with the updated version, that should take care of the problem.
    Or if you would rather apply the fix manually, just look in the file for this line:
    PHP Code:
    global $vbulletin$show$db$permissions$bgclass$altbgclass$vbphrase$stylevar$imodcache$foruminfo$vbcollapse
    And replace with this:
    PHP Code:
    global $vbulletin$show$db$permissions$bgclass$altbgclass$vbphrase$stylevar$imodcache$foruminfo$vbcollapse$vba_shellint
    (just adding $vba_shellint at the end of the list)

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    Default Re: Online Users Module Display Problem

    Thanks again Brian

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    Default Re: Online Users Module Display Problem

    Thanks Brian ....

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    Thank you, Brian! You helped me too.

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