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    Lightbulb Searching with a URL: summary of findings

    In case anyone else wants to provide links on their pages that permit users to simply click to perform a search within vBA Links, here is what I found works.

    To search within only one custom field, use a URL such as the following (which limits to field #15):
    To search within multiple custom fields, one has to list each one in the URL as a cfields[]=field# expression.

    If you specify an invalid custom field number in the above URL, a database error will occur, which does not appear to reveal anything that would make it a security risk, but it's caused by an invalid SQL expression.

    To search within all fields & ONE custom field, the following appears to work. Notice that field #15 is specified. It's the only custom field that will be searched in addition to the title, keywords, & description.
    To search such that everything in one category is displayed, use a URL such as this, which limits to category #8:
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