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    Since yesterday since I couldn't seem to get this fixed on IE

    I uninstalled and did another install reverted everything back to the way that it was. Now I am getting a error

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function print_portal_output() in /home/soberncl/public_html/index.php on line 46
    I am not sure I looked at it but have no idea as to what it is saying. I am now without a homepage. I will set up a index.html for the time being since I can not resolve this issue

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    Have you disabled your plugins either in the Admin CP or does your includes/config.php file contain this line?
    PHP Code:
    If so, remove it. If plugins are enabled and that line is not in your includes/config.php file then about the only other possibilities are that you've disabled the plugins for the CMPS, or possibly that you have an incorrect path specified in your $forumpath variable.

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    Well I disassembled all plug ins and than I reinstalled there was no code like that in the config.php and it is back up and working in IE so I am going to try and go ahead and inable all plug ins crossing fingers.

    Thanks Brian

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