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Thread: Latest link in forumhome under "Latest Threads"

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    Default Latest link in forumhome under "Latest Threads"

    Do you use a forum as a link to your links directory?
    If yes, then this is for you. Instead of displaying an empty space "-" in that space, you can display the latest link, links count and posts count, totally integrating it with your forums

    Live demo: Look at 'Showcase' forum in forumhome.
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    Real useful and Cool vBulletin addons

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    Default Re: Latest link in forumhome under "Latest Threads"

    Looks nice, but a few things. When I clicked on the latest link I got a page cannot be found. It would be better if like total links count, there was total post count instead of post count for that link. If that's how it's supposed to be, then it wasn't working properly on my site. Also, for some reason the font of the latest link was different then the font of my forum links so it looked weird. But maybe that can be changed in the vba links admin section. I haven't checked.

    Very nice idea though and I appreciate the effort. - A DeLorean Community

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    Default Re: Latest link in forumhome under "Latest Threads"

    This does not work for my vbulletin 3.7.0 beta 4

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