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    Default Navbar of the news module

    I have a problem with the pagination of the news module. If I active this option, I have an 'error on the page' in the status bar of my browser. The pagination bar appears but if the number of pages work as well, the arrow to the right don't show the popup 'Go to the page'.

    When I deactive this option, the error on the page disappears.

    Thanks for help me.

    Edit : The number of pages don't work correctly. Page 1 shows the last five messages. OK. And the archives show five others. Page 2 shows five others (these shown in the archives page 1) without Archives. Page 3 and others pages don't show anithing. There are yet 24 threads and the pagination bar shows five pages...
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    Default Re: Navbar of the news module

    I'm not entirely sure why you would be having a problem like that, but if you would like to submit a support ticket via the Members' Area here I'll be glad to take a look at things for you.

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