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Thread: I love Vbadvanced!!!

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    Thumbs up I love Vbadvanced!!!

    My experiance with Vbulletin mod sites were, lets just say "questionable". A few of my buddies told me I should check out . "Not another mod site" is what I was thinking. So this morning I decided to give it a shot. The first thing that caught my eye was the CMPS gold. Once I saw that it was free, my first thoughts were, "OMG, this is gonna destroy my forum!". So I made sure to have my developer's phone number in front of me, for I knew there were gonna be problems.

    Well, I registered, downloaded it, and began the installation process. I came across a line in the instructions that I didn't understand, therefor I posted it in the forum. Now I'm thinking, "no one's gonna respond, and if they do, it'll be months". Yet again, I WAS WRONG. I went, made breakfast, came back, and my question was answered!!

    So I continued my installation, and it went PERFECT!!!!!! I'm still testing everything and it's amazing how this intergrates so well with all of the plug-ins and products I already have installed...

    I would like to thank EVERYONE in Vba community and the staff for being so helpful in everything. I've NEVER seen this kind of quality and speed ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET PERIOD..

    Myself and my company will now proudly and publicly support and we recommend EVERYONE with a vbulletin to check out the products and community..

    And again, Thank you so much

    Indie 2 Industry,LLC

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    I agree with you vbadvanced is helpful to every one......... Even i love vbadvanced forum

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    For me the great support is what have the highest value!

    Some mods for vbulletin can 'simulate' what vbadvanced (cmps and dynamics) do, but the vba staff really take care their customers, and that is priceless.

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    Default I love Vbadvanced

    , , Love Of My Life

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