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Thread: 2 databases move

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    Default 2 databases move

    i have some questions about database import from 2 different forums !

    now i have vbulletin 3.7.0 beta5 and CMPS 3.0
    i make one import of my old forum (phpbb3 - gold) and it works fine (mean users - forums-threads and posts )!
    i have -had another forum-portal -also phpbb3 - gold and will just import posts and forums-threads- is it possibly to do but will not destroy those forums-threads now in my vbulletin ??

    can i use impex like before (just change database info) and import ? (will not import users -because those is same! maybe you have beter solution?

    my page now is

    and page which will import(only posts and forums) is


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    You should ask in

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