vBadvanced Dynamics v1.0.1 has been released and is now available to all current license holders. Current license holders can find the new version in the Members' Area here. For those who are not familiar with vBa Dynamics, please see the product info page for more details.
v1.0.1 is mostly a maintenance release to fix all currently known issues, though there have been a few new features added as outlined below.

New Options & Features
  • New option to allow you to display replies on a separate page from showentry.php.
  • The [attach] tag now works when previewing entries.
  • New option to display attachment thumbnails on the same line (inline) on the "Show Entry" page instead of with a line break between each attachment.
  • New options to disable avatars in the guest book module and the "View All" link.
  • New option to disable signatures in guest books.
  • Guest searching now matches the IP address of the guest to prevent problems with multiple guests searching at the same time.
  • New checkbox to allow you to mark an entry as "Featured" on the "Submit Entry" page.
  • New permission setting to allow groups to approve items awaiting moderation (instead of having to add each individual member as moderators of categories).
  • New feature that will allow you to store your attachments in the database rather than they file system (mostly useful for those running a server with safe mode enabled).
  • All currently known bugs & issues have been corrected.

Files Changed Since v1.0.0
  • dynamics/clientscript/vba_dyna_global.js
  • dynamics/attachment.php
  • dynamics/dyna_global.php
  • dynamics/external.php
  • dynamics/guestbook.php
  • dynamics/managecats.php
  • dynamics/misc.php
  • dynamics/moderate.php
  • dynamics/module.php
  • dynamics/newattachment.php
  • dynamics/newentry.php
  • dynamics/newreply.php
  • dynamics/search.php
  • dynamics/showentry.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_categories.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_main.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_maintenance.php
  • forum/admincp/vba_dyna_admin_permissions.php
  • forum/admincp/vbadyna_install.php
  • forum/admincp/vbadyna_install_phrases.php
  • forum/admincp/vbadyna_install_settings.php
  • forum/admincp/vbadyna_install_templates.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_adminfunctions.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_class.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_class_image.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions_moderate.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_functions_posting.php
  • forum/includes/vba_dyna_include_modules.php
  • forum/includes/xml/hooks_vbadyna.xml
  • forum/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_aboutme.php
  • forum/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_featured.php
  • forum/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_guestbook.php
  • forum/vba_dyna_modules/dyna_myfavorites.php

New Files Since v1.0.0
  • dynamics/image.php

Files Removed Since v1.0.0
The forum/includes/vba_dyna_error.php file is no longer necessary in v1.0.1 and may be removed from your server after upgrading.

Templates Changed Since v1.0.0
  • adv_dyna_browsecategory_nodisplay
  • adv_dyna_categorybit_level1
  • adv_dyna_categorybit_level2
  • adv_dyna_entrybit_expanded
  • adv_dyna_entrybit_expanded_dropdowns
  • adv_dyna_entrybit_lean
  • adv_dyna_module_aboutme
  • adv_dyna_module_guestbook_footer
  • adv_dyna_newattachmentbit
  • adv_dyna_showentry_attachments

As usual, upgrade instructions may be found at the bottom of the readme.html file that comes with the download package.

Problems or Questions?
Please DO NOT reply to this thread for support. Please create a new thread in the appropriate vBa Dynamics forum.