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    Alright, here's the problem.

    I just installed and setup this program - everything was working.
    I go to the site, - and the portal looks fantastic. I click forum - and bam! It takes me to:

    I click UserCP and it takes me to an invalid location:

    Why won't the program put /forum/ in front of index.php, etc.?

    It also broke all of my images...see?
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    Did you rename the index.php files?

    Your vB forum has an index.php and your vBaCMPS also has an index.php.Called CMPS_index.php in the zip file)

    If you are running the CMPS in the root directory then you rename the vB index.php file to forums.php and the CMPS_index.php file you rename to index.php.

    Also have you added the "forum path" correctly to the cmps_index.php?

    Look at the readme for instructions.
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    Default Re: Why won't this...

    Make sure that you setup your forum main page in vbulletin->options settings
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    Default Re: Why won't this...

    Uhh, I'm guessing you've moved your forums into the root directory after making this post? Either way, the FAQ link at the top of any page covers problems with links and images.

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