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    Default Custom Fields

    When creating custom fields (check box), is there a way to have them display as a specific size of rows X collums? I would like to create a list of default keywords that the user can check off but I would like them to show left to right not up to down.


    Custom Fields
    Display as

    Custom Fields
    Field1     Field2
    Field3     Field4
    Field5     Field6
    Field7     Field8

    Also, I would like these fields to be added to the keyword list that is created when the link is added (like the ones that can be manually typed in) and as such be clickable in the search.

    Is this possible? If I could be pointed in the correct direction it would be appreciated...

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    Default Re: Custom Fields

    After going through the templates until my eyes are starting to bleed I have figured out that $customfieldbits is the variable called for what I want but I cannot find where $customfieldbits is configured / created.

    I'm a little closer.

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    Default Re: Custom Fields

    I suppose that would be possible if you're familiar with PHP. The code to print the custom fields is located in the forum/includes/functions_vba_links.php file, in the construct_custom_fieldbits() function.

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