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    Default Style issue

    I just upgraded to 3.7 and installed / upgraded to the new links directory.

    My style seems a bit messed up:

    It is showing at 100% with no space on the left and right side. I also have several Dynamics installed and they are all fine.

    Any suggestions?

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    Looks like the $spacer_open and $spacer_closed variables are not being parsed for some reason. Have you by chance modified your header, navbar, or footer templates to wrap an <if condition> around either of those $spacer variables?

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    The header, navbar and footer are modified, but not with any if statements.
    Also, why is the rest of the site OK, the three Dynamics are all OK?

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    Can't say I've ever seen a problem like that before, so would you mind submitting a support ticket so I can take a look at things for you?

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    Submitted, thanks again.

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