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Thread: News module with 'mark news by icon' and other useful things.

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    Thumbs up News module with 'mark news by icon' and other useful things.

    This hack is an upgraded version of this one. I think this might be useful to other people. Works with vBa CMPS v3.0.1

    What does it do:
    Pagination feature altered: now you don't need to enter number of pages - just turn it on and news will be paginated.
    Mark news by icon: threads will became news if marked by certain icon
    Sort news by thread edit time: this sorting method is added to existing ones. It's useful when you marking old thread as news and want it to appear at the top of news.
    Brake Tag: with this tag you may manually specify where to position '...[Read More]' link


    1. Install from scratch (no vba installed):
    replace news.php and vbacmps_install.php with updated files from the archive, install vba as usual.

    2. Update existing vba installation:
    overwrite forum/modules/news.php with one from the archive.
    Copy vbacmps_install.php to forum/admincp/ and run it.
    Update templates and update phrases and reinstall settings. delete the file afterwards.

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    Default Re: News module with 'mark news by icon' and other useful things.

    this will not work out of the box if you didn't mark all your news posts with a specific icon from the very start (and given that most people have marked their news posts manually through the admin interface, it might be a problem)...

    so, I edited the news.php (line 133) to something like this to include the icon as an optional check in addition to the current forum/thread checks:

    			$getnewsids_query = "
    				SELECT %s FROM " . TABLE_PREFIX . "thread AS thread
    				WHERE visible = 1
    					AND open != 10
    					AND (thread.forumid IN(" . implode(',', $mods['inforums']) . ")" .
    					iif(!empty($newstids), ' OR threadid IN(' . implode(',', $newstids) . ')') .
    					iif($mod_options['portal_news_post_iconid'] > 0, " OR thread.iconid IN ({$mod_options['portal_news_post_iconid']})") . ")" .
    					iif($mod_options['portal_news_cutoffdate'], 'AND thread.dateline > ' . (TIMENOW - ($mod_options['portal_news_cutoffdate'] * 86400))) .

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    Thanks, this mod works very good with the icons, but i have a problem with the Pagination, i put 1 in the Enable News Pagination option but doesn't work anything shows in the portal i have a lot of news but doesn't display the pagination.


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    Same thing for me. Everything works, except PAGINATION.
    SOLVED: go to News Archive and set Number of Archived News Posts to Display to 0 !

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    Thanks for sharing. Installed and works great!

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    do you have for 3.8.1

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    Any solution for v3.2.0 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by akrep1980 View Post
    Any solution for v3.2.0 ?
    Last edited by zi5; 08-31-2009 at 03:07 AM.

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    Secta you don't want to update as with new version ?
    Thanks ,

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    I have Vbulletin V3.8.3
    That Modification want not to install
    I have this message to vBadvanced CMPS Install
    It appears that you are trying to install the vBulletin 3.6 version of vBadvanced CMPS on an older version of vBulletin.
    Please go back to and download the version of vBadvanced CMPS that corresponds to your version of vBulletin, or upgrade to vBulletin 3.6 before proceeding.
    What is the solution ? please ...

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    What's up with the upgrade of this nice module ?

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    Anyone have this working on vBAdvanced v4.3?

    My forums: Mil Utilidades | #2 | #3

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