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Thread: Problem with Enable Spider Friendly URL

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    Question Resolved: Problem with Enable Spider Friendly URL


    Once I set Enable Spider Friendly URL to YES, I could no longer access the Dynamics folder, not even the root URL:

    I read in one of the forum threads about copying the .htaccess file from the installation package to Dyna's root, which I did, and since then I cannot access anything Dynamics whether with or without SEO enables.

    I have vBSEO 3.0.0 on my forum. Is there a conflict there?

    P.S. All other parameters in the Enable Spider Friendly URL sections are left blank. Is that OK?

    Last question regarding URLs (with or without the SEO feature): why can't I access this folder without the index.php prefix (just I.E.


    P.S. I've also submitted a ticket #6165 with server & admin information
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    Default Re: Problem with Enable Spider Friendly URL

    Dear Brian,

    I found quite a few similar issues (Dynamics<->vBSEO) reported on vBSEO's forums, like this or this one.

    I also opened a ticket there and will be happy to post their conclusions and guidelines here for everyone's benefits.

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    Default Re: Problem with Enable Spider Friendly URL

    OK, here's Oleg's (vBSEO) solution:

    Add the Dynamics folder to the exclusion list in .htaccess by replacing
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(admincp/|modcp/|chat|cron)
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !(admincp/|modcp/|chat|cron|dyna-library)
    It resolves all accessibility issues in my Dynamics folder, whether or not I check the SEO option in vBa Dynamics AdminCP. However, you must check it ON in order to apply SE friendly links.

    Were else should I post this solution for other members' benefits?
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