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Thread: Multiple selection menu and custom fields

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    Default Multiple selection menu and custom fields


    1) I would like to have the multiple selection field 'A' within the category 'Cat B'.

    2) I create the field 'A' and associate it only with 'cat B'

    3) When I submit a new link within 'cat B' I cannot see this field 'A' - only after the links has been submitted and I push the edit button.

    4) Only way out of this problem is to associate field 'A' with All categories which was not the idea.

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    Default Re: Multiple selection menu and custom fields

    Thank you for pointing this out. If you will look in your links/addlink.php file for this code:
    PHP Code:
    $customfieldbits construct_custom_fieldbits($_POST, ($vbulletin->GPC['preview'] ? false true)); 
    And add this right above it:
    PHP Code:
    $link['catid'] = $catid
    Then that should take care of the issue.

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