Hi there, Everyone,

I've released an add-on module for vBadvanced over at vBulletin.org entitled Top Groups. Please be sure to check it out, and mark it as installed if you decide to use it.

Preview -- What is "Top Groups"?

Top Groups (aka, "Largest Groups") is a module for vBadvanced CMPS that will display in a small box the largest social groups in your online community. This is a very simple add-on (hence, its designation as a "Mini-Mod"), and is designed for people who intentionally want to tinker with the source code to play with and optimize their results.

It's my first vBulletin modification in years, and I'm generally a neophyte at this sort of stuff, so please, be gentle. That said, I'm very interested in your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve upon this module in any way, and any advice or lessons you'd like to share from your own coding experiences would be much appreciated. On a final note, the module was inspired by the work that "Oneback" did on the "Recent vB Blogs" module for vBadvanced, and he is owed my deepest thanks.

Please Note: All support is handled over at vBulletin.org. Thank you!