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Thread: CMPS 3.0.1 Quick Moderation for Photopost Pro

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    Default CMPS 3.0.1 Quick Moderation for Photopost Pro

    Upgrading to vba cmps 3.0.1 - quick moderation of photopost pro 6.11
    does not work anymore.

    First of all I had to set adv_portal_moderation to original in order to see
    the quick moderation box which had no links in even of collapsed or not.

    lookd to the difference - original and changed template. found this code
    but no effect when re-adding this code . moderation box appears but
    no photopost moderation links.

    code adv_portal_moderation from previous hack wich does not work anymore.
    <if condition="is_member_of ($bbuserinfo, 6,5)">
    			<if condition="is_member_of ($bbuserinfo, 6,5)">
    any ideas out?

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    have found the fix: in admincp cmps main settings add global variable


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