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    Default Please add an   for IE

    Hi Brian,

    again and again one should start any massage here with "Thank you so much for CMPS, Brian"!

    So, here is the reason for this massage, probably well known already:
    if one does not have a default thread icon, in IE all the rows for threads without such an icon are "invalid" html and IE will render them ugly "empty".

    To avoid this those 2 templates have to be modified:
    adv_portal_recthreads_exp: <else />&nbsp;
    PHP Code:
    <td class="alt2"><if condition="$show['threadicon']"><img alt="" border="0" src="$thread[threadiconpath]title="$thread[threadicontitle]/><else />&nbsp;</if></td
    adv_portal_archivebits_exp &nbsp;
    PHP Code:
    <td class="alt2">
    img alt="" border="0" src="$news[threadiconpath]title="$news[threadicontitle]/>
    Then everything is fine without even without icons.
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    Which version of IE are you viewing with? Just curious as I know I've seen that in the past, but it doesn't seem to happen for me using IE7 locally now for some reason.

    Also moving this to the bugs forum to make sure that's added in the next release.

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    It's IE7.0.57....

    Maybe I can see it better, because I have somehow different colour settings in style. In any case the &nbsp; is missing for older IE versions

    Thanks for your great support!

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