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    Question Installation Hangs...

    I am installing Links on one of my sites and for some reason the installation is hanging. I have installed links (and upgraded) many times and never had this happen. Basically after the Update Icon Paths page (none needed to be updated) I click on save and get to the next page:
    This is where it hangs. The page is Blue and has a link that says "Processing Complete - Proceed". I click on that link and it just stalls out. The link goes to this URL:
    Any ideas what could be causing this?

    When I go the /links/ directory to check things out, things seem OK. How close was I to the end of the install and if things look OK would it be safe to say the install was successful and I can go ahead and delete the vbalinks_install.php?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Sounds like for whatever reason your server was having an issue checking one/more of the images. That can happen occasionally depending on the server or invalid URL's, and for that reason that's the last part of the install. As long as everything with your styles, smilies, and icons look ok on your links pages then you're good to go.

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