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Thread: Couple of how to's and a test request

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    Default Couple of how to's and a test request

    Q1: How do I go about removing the time stamp at the bottom of each page? For this copy of my VB, if my guys want the time they can look at their watch.

    Q2: if you go to the forums link while logged in, you'll notice the search and quick link opens underneath my flash bar. Is it possible to make it open ontop and can someone please help or point me to the information. I can't seem to find it.

    Request: I was wondering if anyone might have the time to log in and check out the board. I am looking for issues, suggestions, any input is welcome...

    i.e. I've had some people say the board text is not readable and they have to hi-light it to read it. My guess is they have an old monitor and have no business gaming anyways, dunno yet.

    Anyho, if you have the time it would be most appreciated...

    Test Login: Tristan/tester

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    Default Re: Couple of how to's and a test request

    Earl Grey:

    (1) Try ACP --> Styles & Templates --> Style Manager --> {skin name} Edit Templates --> Footer and then remove:
    <br />
    <div class="smallfont" align="center">$vbphrase[all_times_are_gmt_x_time_now_is_y]</div>
    from the very top of the template.

    (2) What's the URL to visit?

    (3) For a (sometimes harsh) review, check out and then submit your site to be reviewed. You'll get good & bad feedback about what people think & suggestions on how to improve.

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    Default Re: Couple of how to's and a test request

    Ooops! -->

    Thanks! removing code now bud - Thanks!

    shall do on the harsh review soon as I am a little further along
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