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Thread: Global vBadvanced Settings - what is this for exactly ?

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    Default Global vBadvanced Settings - what is this for exactly ?

    I was looking for a way to add meta keywords to my new vBadvanced homepage, for search engine optimization and wondered if Global settings is it ? I suspect not, in which case, what is it for really and how do I optimize search possiblties ?

    (on edit) Ok, just looked at source code on my new homepage and see my meta keywords from the regular forum pages are showing so I guess that answers that.... so what the heck is Global settings (header, navbar and footer) for ??
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    Hey Milacron, been a long time lurker at your site, signed up when you switched to VB.

    The Global setting are used for when you need something prefixed with your forum url.

    Example, my login, search, member list and FAQ were added to my header template as well an the navbar. So I added


    To my header replacements, that way when some one clicks on any of those links in my header they are prefixed with .../forums/

    If I didn't do that - search.php would have been parsed to
    instead of

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    Thanks have a nice looking site. OK I "sort of" get it, but I still don't understand what "good" that actually does ??

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    Thanks for the compliment...
    Quote Originally Posted by Milacron View Post
    I still don't understand what "good" that actually does ??
    It's not really the 'good' it does but the reason it does it.

    Example. On your site the forums are in the directory /vb but your CMPS is in the root.

    If you are on the CMPS page the links in the navbar would be incorrect. The link for the FAQ would parse to (dead link)

    not (good link)

    because in the navbar they are hard coded as relative - not absolute. The replacement option simply adds the forum url in front of the FAQ link (faq.php) instead of the CMPS url

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