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Thread: Have you been hacked?

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    Default Have you been hacked?

    Anyone else having issues like this pop up? Members are complaining that when they go to my site, it keeps flashing, and they can't click anything. This is happening to a LOT of members, but not to me.

    Talked to my server domain company, and they don't see anything.
    Haven't asked VB yet, cause they will only look at my site and say it has CMP on it and direct me to VBAdvanced, which is why I'm here.

    It would see that after upgrading to the new system a while back, I have now become more hackable, as this would be the second time since and I never had the issue before.

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    Seems to be working fine in FF, IE, & Opera. Have any of your users reporting the issue been able to duplicate and/or provide screen shots?

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