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Thread: VBA and Cross-Domain/Same Server Configuration

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    Default VBA and Cross-Domain/Same Server Configuration

    Hi all. I've got a big board (72k members, ~2mil posts) and I need a home page that's driven by dynamic content but located on a separate URL. This question is kind of a 2-parter.

    The first one is whether or not it's possible and feasible to share a database with VBA across a two-domain setup (.com for homepage and portal, .net for forums and community) while still having the ability to designate threads as front page news independent of their forum (we've already worked this bit out using thread icons).

    The second part is, can VBA be configured to look like this:

    We can't have an "out of the box" portal look, don't have any use for standard VB built-in navigation and would prefer something to look a bit more like a mainstream news/content site.

    Basically all we need is a simple, VB-friendly Homepage focused CMS to replace Joomla on our .com domain, with the ability easily to pull dynamic content from the .net forums. Plus the "not looking like a portal" thing via templates.

    Thanks in advance!

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    As long as both domains are on the same server and your sever allows you to change directories from one domain to the other (so the cmps can include your vBulletin/global.php file) then that should work, though you may run into some cookie issues between the two domains.
    As long as you are familiar with HTML and vBulletin's template system then you can customize the CMPS to look pretty much however you would like.

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