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    First of all, I'd like to change all the instances of "reply/replies" in vb Dyna to "review/reviews" because I'm using it as kind of a review database.

    In addition, I'd like members to be able to RATE reviews with a THUMBS UP or a THUMBS DOWN to the question, "was this review helpful"... listing the reviews that were voted most helpful at the top.

    If this capability isn't easy to add or already exist, I'd be willing to toss down a few dollars to make it happen.

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    Would love this too, and a module to display top rated thumbs up articles on a seperate page in CMPS, or just a new dynamics page "thumbsup.php" etc.

    Plus a nice fancy badge with the total score(s), and CSS based numbers in the middle, for each story.

    AKA, simple system. Thumbs up = 1 point, Thumbs down = -1 point, total is the total score, adding up those plus and minuses.

    Might be good to have registered users thumbs up/down, unregistered up/down, and then total. Make the unregistered users votes count half as much as registered when calculating the full total. Or even better, a set of options on back end for you to weight the 2 kinds yourself.

    Will contribute to costs if someone's willing to do it.

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    Users can give star ratings to Dynamics entries. With a little graphics work, I don't suppose it would be hard to change them to little thumbs.

    Changing 'reply' to 'review' should be able to be done through the phrase system.

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