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Thread: New to vB but have been curious for awhile...

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    Question New to vB but have been curious for awhile...

    My name is Jason but people normally call me Tek... I run a website based in Miami, FL called ... right now its in a stagnant state of development... I take pics at clubs and post them on the web. I also do club promotions. I was wondering if vB would be good for what i wanna do... The main features i would like it to do is allow me to post an image gallery that you have to register before u can save the pics, allow me post flyers for parties and ads.

    I used Mambo at one point... and when i had it exactly how i wanted it... it got hacked... so that was the end of that. I kinda had it looking like Is making vB look like that possible?

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    Yep, vB will do it. Though, I'm not sure why you're not asking over at their official site,

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