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Thread: Really creative applications of VB Dynamics?

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    Question Really creative applications of VB Dynamics?

    Hi all,

    I purchased Dyna awhile back but haven't yet implemented it...and am looking for excellent examples of what one can really do with it. Or did I miss a 'here's some case examples' posting thread?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Dynamics is pretty flexible so there is no one perfect example I can give but if you check out the Dynamics information page...

    ... then on the right hand side you can find some links to customer's sites that are using it in a number of different ways.

    For a larger list of example Dynamics sites, check here...

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    I'm an idjut - I should have thought of the following in the first place!

    Just go to Google and search on

    "Powered by: vBadvanced Dynamics"


    Lots of goodies emerge! I've found Dynamics used for:

    Submit Entry
    Campaign Logs
    Reptile Food Products
    Lesson Plans
    Member Categories
    Hall of Wisdom

    It's very versatile indeed!

    Thanks for your suggestions,


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    Okay, I have a rather clueless question to ask. I've looked at dozens of Dynamics examples, and would like to know the benefits of using that application instead of simply forum categories to display the data. I would *think* it's because you can force specific fields to be added in Dynamics and thus have specific fields on which one can I missing anything else?



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    vBa Dynamics is really intended to give you a section of your site that's completely integrated with vB, but separate from your forums. That opens up the possibilities with custom fields like you mentioned, and there are other options like user favorites, the module system, members' categories, SEO URL's, and etc that are not included with vB.

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