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Thread: Problems with Custom Fields and URLs

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    Default Problems with Custom Fields and URLs

    Hi, Great product, but needs improvement.....

    We created a custom field for each link entry, the URL of a related forum. Regardless of how we enter the link, it does not work in multiple views.

    For example, look at this link entry:

    You will notice that we used bb tags ... in the custom text field for the link entry. However, then notice this view, the Newest 5 Links view:

    This view does not resolve the bb tags.

    However in this category view:

    The entry is a correct, clickable URL.

    What we need, unless I am missing something, is a custom field type "URL" that allows users to input a URL, as we are attempting to do, and it displays consistently as a clickable link in all views.

    No matter how we try to do this, we cannot get a consistent clickable view across the links directory.

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    Thank you for pointing this out. Custom fields with BB code should be parsed the same throughout the software, but it looks like there was a small bug preventing the fields from being parsed properly on the index page. I've just applied the fix to the forum/includes/functions_vba_links_cats.php file in the download package here, so if you will download the files agian and update that one on your server, that should take care of the issue.

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    You are welcome. Thanks for the fix and for a great product.

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    Hi Brian,

    Also, it does not seem to parse correctly when you (re)edit a link. For example, see:

    See the entry for Midnight BSD in the Newest 5 Links area.


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    Looks like you have the 'Automatically Parse Links in Text' setting within that category disabled. If that setting is disabled then it will not automatically add [url] tags around the URL when the link is submitted/edited.

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    Thank Brian,

    That fixed it... if I (re)edited and saved after making the configuration change.


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