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Thread: Wrong phrase subscribed links

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    Default Wrong phrase subscribed links

    When I click on link options for links I have subscribed to (in the categories) it says "Unsubscribe from link". That is good.

    However, when I go to the "my subscriptions category), is says
    "subscribe to this link" When I click on this I unsubscribe.

    It seems the phrase is wrong, but only in the "my subscriptions category".

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    Thank you for pointing this out. I've just applied the fix to the links/browselinks.php file here, so if you will download the files again and update that one on your server, that should take care of the issue.
    Or if you would rather apply the fix manually, just look in the file for this line:
    PHP Code:
                    $links['subid'] = 1
    And replace with this:
    PHP Code:
                    $links['issubscribed'] = 1

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