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    Well I started me new format on my website last night

    I went to vBulletin and got the forums software
    Went to and got a free skin
    Went to and got that software
    Went to vbPortal and bought that software. Waiting..........

    I waited over 12 hours for this software, ok fine whatever I went to bed and woke up. Went back to vbportal and the friggin download did not work not once not twice but three times. I started reading their forum for the trick and I read a lot of posted that left a bad taste in my mouth. Some of the major ones were no support for 48 hours, the website seems dead. The second one was the vBulletin template do not display right if at all unless you tweak them.

    So rather than try and force the issue I emailed vbportals explained to them I never got a complete download and would like a refund. This guy flat out called me a liar and told me since I accessed their "Premium Membership" No Refund.

    yeah no kidding you have to to TRY and download your item you paid $35.00 for. After 11 emails later he offered me a $25.00 refund, What a joke! Is it so hard to just email or provide a working link? Not once did he do this. His reply was "I'll refund $25 to you, we have bills to pay also"

    Why should I have to pay $10.00 for his download not working as it should? If it would have worked I would be using his product. Instead I had to find another solution and use another product.

    I filed a dispute with Paypal, I gave him 24 hours to Grant a full refund or I will make it a Claim. Remember that one guys and girls, if you file a dispute remember to make it a claim within 20 days of opening it if the seller will not work with you. If you don't and leave it as a dispute they will give the money to the seller without further questions.

    I am so glad his friggin download failed. I found vbAdvanced and I don't have to deal with a rip off artist.

    Took me a little bit to figure it out but after only 30 minutes of reading (while installing) my new format is up and it looks great!

    I will support vbAdvanced anyway I can, I plan on buying the links module and the branding free.

    Thank you for everything and make it so easy, sorry about the venting but that guy really upset me and I felt others should be warned about him so they do not make the same mistake I did.

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    Sorry to hear of your troubles, but at least if that path led you here in the end, that should be a good thing.
    Thanks for the feedback and I hope you'll be enjoying our products for years to come.

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    Just a follow up the owner of vbportal

    William Jones list this in his Paypal account

    Customer Service Phone: {removed}

    Since I got tired of typing so many emails to one person, I think we are up to 26 as of 12:30am this morning, I gave him a call. After talking to him for a bit he said he would issue a refund and give the money back. I said ok cool, thank you, and have a good evening. Now I waited.....

    At 12:12am I get a email:

    I had no idea you were having problems until you ask for a refund and not until you already had vbAdvanced installed. You did not ask me once for help, . You could have had the thing installed free for the trouble you had if you would have just approached me, I was up all night working anyway. I just get sick of the false info put out about my product, it is the oldest and the most complete CMS solution available for vBulletin with outstanding tech. support and when someone emails me and starts right off bashing it, I do get take offence. It's all because one of the moderators at vBulletin has a stake in vbadvanced and has went to great lengths to discredit vbportal, so a little of my anger for him came out on you, that I'm sorry for.

    That said, I'll refund your money once you dismiss the dispute without prejudice.
    he has not lived up to anything he has promised since I started talking to him, not calling him a liar, but he does like to change the rules a lot in his favor. If I close or cancel the dispute I cannot reopen it and he can legally keep my money.

    It is now 740am and I have already called asked for my refund. I guess the Customer Service Number listed was his home number, he called it his wifes personal number. Why you calling at 7am, I can't believe you woke me up for this and he hung up

    1. If you would have issued the refund like you said You would have never got the phone call.

    2. If you dont want your customers to use your wifes home phone number then do not list it in paypal as the Customer Service Phone number.

    3. If you don't want 7am phone calls give a another phone number for customer support.

    Again all of this could be avoided if he just issued a refund at our first request through our email.

    As I was typing this he made a comment but I can't read it because he losed the Paypal dispute and issued the refund. Which is cool BUT if I can save one person from going through the same headache this post was well worth it.

    Now as far as vbAdvanced, I have it up and running, although complex if you just read and learn a little bit then it is well worth the $0.00 fee they charge, but better yet it is well worth not having to deal with vbportal ever again.

    Sorry so long but I had to, About the phone number I have every legal right to publish it since he listed it as his customer service number. You can delete it but I would encourage you to leave it so other former customers can contact him for their refunds too.
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    I figured out how to read what he wrote

    I am the son-in-law of the paypal account holder

    I'm processing the refund for the benefit and well being of her son-in-law.
    What does he mean by that, sounds like a threat to me. Making threats over the internet is a felony, is this guy for real?

    Please everyone do not buy vbportal IMO you will have nothing but headaches from the software (read their own forum that has no traffic) and headaches from this so called owner.

    you have been warned!

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    I understand your frustration, but this probably isn't the best place for it. I also did have to remove the phone number... I wouldn't want my personal number posted, plus anyone who could potentially need it should be able to look it up through PayPal or other means.

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    Sorry to hear about the problems you were having. The vBulletin community is for the most part a friendly group.

    That's a nice clean looking style you went with. I have to admit, though, I did need to 'google' to find out what an Arowana is (for those curious, here's the Wikipedia article).

    Hopefully your days ahead will go smoother.

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    Thank you and I am sure it will. I had this website in XOOPS for years but the security was lacking. There was always a SPAMMER. Everytime I figured out a way to stop it they found a new way.

    I have been in the Aquarium Hobby for 17 years now. This was my second fresh water site and my SaltWater site is

    Since there is so many saltwater forums sites out there I decided to keep SpokaneReef a personal hobby site for my 630 gallon tank.

    I have been around the vBulletin Community for a few years now, at least in the shadows and I find everyone for the most part very helpful.

    Again thank you for the warm welcome and sorry for venting on your boards

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    Well I'll just say that I've used both vbPortal and vbAdvanced's CMS, both are great products. I've also had nothing but great service from the folks at vbPortal and here.

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    Added the vbLinks to the site and this is Awesome, I bought the license with the Branding Free option so I could support these guys over here a little better. After all we all need to be paid for our time

    Thanks for an amazing product

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    This is an old thread! But I would like to add some infomation:
    -I have been using vbportal for long times. But, I recently changed to VBA with the help from Brian. The reason I changed to VBA is that the main programmer of vbportal disappeared and the support there almost stops now.

    -Vpportal is complicated than VBA. So it it is not really good for newbie to use.

    -Vbportal has stopped selling their products.

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