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Thread: registered users cant see attachments...

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    Default registered users cant see attachments...

    Hey all,
    If you go to my homepage:

    And scroll down a good amount, you will see a post with some image attachments

    Then if you log in, (username: example)(password: passoword) and refresh the homepage the thumbnails dont show up. I checked usergroup permissions, and they have access to thumbnails. In my admin account I can see the thumbnails no problem, and when logged out, but not registered users. If you click through to the actual thread, the registered users can see the thumbnails but not click on them. Any ideas?

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    Seems to be working fine for me when logged into that account...

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    Thanks Brian,
    I was up late last night and I managed to figure out the issue, but I forgot to post in this thread saying that I had handled it. Thanks for the help anyway!

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