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Thread: Newbie needs some help.

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    Default Newbie needs some help.

    OK, due to numerous serious hacks I've just moved over from SMF & Tiny Portal to VB.

    I'm still trying to get my head around vbA. I need to create a whole heap of articles pages then have them all show up as linked titles in a block. How do I achieve this?

    Also, I've tried to install a vBshout (SMF had a fab one) but I can't seem to get to get it to display let alone work. Any tips? I've had a look through numerous threads but still no lock on that front. I'd have thought there would be a default Shoutbox in vBA as per other portals?

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    If you have a lot of articles and/or want more options, then vBa Dynamics might be a better solution for that.
    Using the CMPS, you could just create new pages for each of your articles and the links will automatically be added to your 'Site Navigation' module.

    As for a shoutbox, the best thing I can suggest would be to search the Add-on Modules forum here or possibly to see what's available/compatible.

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