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Thread: Can't add image to BB Module in vB 3.8.2

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    Default Can't add image to BB Module in vB 3.8.2

    I just finally upgraded to the latest version. Now, when I go into to edit my BB Module, if I click the insert image button, it gives me a popup window that says "This page has an unspecified potential security risk" and I get a 404 error on the dialog box?

    Help, LOL!

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    What browser/OS are you using?

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    Same problem here!!

    I just upgrade my Vbulletin to 3.8.2 and i start to get the same problem

    I went to edit the bb code module that i use in my CMPS page and clicked on the <insert image> icon.

    Got a "page not found" message in the little dialogue box and noticed that the system was looking in the wrong place for the script.

    Attachment 5190

    It was looking in .../mydomain/forum/admincp/clientscript/ieprompt.html ... but it should have been .../mydomain/forum/clientscript/ieprompt.html

    I think that the upgrade to 3.8.2 change the path.

    How to solve it? I could copy the folder forum/clientscript/ to admincp/ but doesn´t look like a "clean job"...

    Regards and thanks for the help!
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    It looks like vBulletin has changed the way that window is handled in v3.8.2. They've always had the path to the ieprompt.html file hard coded into their javascript files, making it too much of a pain to try and use their advanced image prompt. So we've just set a variable to fool it into thinking there's an older browser being used so it will revert to the standard javascript prompts. vB changed that variable in v3.8.2, but I've just updated the files in the download package here to include the fix. If you will download the files from here again and upload the includes/vba_cmps_adminfunctions.php file over your existing one, that should take care of the issue.

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    Just did it and works fine. Problem Solved!!!

    Excelent job, as usual, Brian.

    Thanks for the help!

    Best regards

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    I've just upgraded to vBadvanced CMPS v4.0.0 RC1 and this issue is occuring.

    Any way to fix this?

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    In the future, please post in the v4.0 forums if you are having issues with vBa CMPS v4.0.
    vBulletin changed the way they handle the pop-up in vB4, so about the only way around this is would be to create a new sub-folder in your {vb}/admincp folder called 'clientscript', and then copy the ieprompt.html file from your {vb}/clientscript folder to your new {vb}/admincp/clientscript folder. Or, of course, you could just type in [img] instead of using the button.
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