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Thread: Own thumbnails instead of thumbshots

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    Lightbulb Own thumbnails instead of thumbshots

    I've managed to replace the thumbshots images with my own, which is much better suited for my purpose. I figured I'd share here.

    This is the simplest way to do this however it will require some work at your end for maintenance - best suited to the situation whereby the owner of the site is uploading all links.

    First of all create thumbnails as you would like them to be and upload to a specific directory, I use "domain/images/library/"

    Each thumbnail should be named for your linkid, so 1.jpg 2.jpg etc and all need to have the same extension.

    Next, do a search in your templates for

    src="$link[linkurl]" width="120" height="90"

    and replace with

    src="http://your.domain.and/path/$link[linkid].jpg" width="120" height="90"

    Of course if you want to change the height/width variables, this is where you'd do that.

    I found two templates where I had to do this.

    Works a treat.

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    can you shoot a link to your site? i will like to see the outcome, doing this I will have to add the thumnail for each link or just the ones I want to change for example the ones that fail to recognize?

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    how at least grab the thumbnail ot how to generate the thumbnail
    where is the file for this

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