I'm playing around with using two new blocks in my CMPS:

leftside, rightside (very clever, I know)

rightside will be 175 px in width, left will have the forum content.

I managed:

It looks fine, however, the Recent Threads module below it seems to be in 175px width?

Here's what I added below the original code in adv_portal :

<table align="center" class="page" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" width="100%">
	<tr valign="top">

			<td valign="top">
			<td valign="top" width="175" style="padding-$stylevar[left]: $vba_style[portal_colspacing]px">

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? The first module displays great, but the Recent Threads module is squooshed.