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Thread: Moderation navbar link - user moderators

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    Default Moderation navbar link - user moderators

    I was a little bit in doubt whether to put this in suggestions, how do I or in this forum. I think it is a problem, so here it comes:

    This is about users which have their own categories and are allowed moderator status (for their own categories). I think it is a nice feature allowing users to have these abilities as they e.g. with more ease can manage their links - especially they can select more than one link at a time.

    Okay, the problem is - I think - is that these "moderators" can see the "moderation" navbar link. And when they enter the "moderation" section they can see some information (or at least the head lines) which only is meant for the administrator. E.g. unmoderated categories and status reports.

    So a suggestion is - they should only be allowed to view information/head lines of their own business.

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    Though they have access to that link, they should only see counts/items that were submitted within the category(ies) they have moderator abilities in.

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