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Thread: How do I disable 'Report to Moderator'?

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    Default How do I disable 'Report to Moderator'?

    The link software is not secure and any schmuck can 'report to moderator' with no user login.

    I get a thousand a day. Driving me nuts.

    I've been digging thru the files trying to find the one I can comment a few lines out of and disable this 'feature' but I can't find it.

    I'm pretty sure they are on the browselinks.php & showlinks.php page, but I can't find what to comment out in the file. It's on one of the pulldown menus. I want to remove it.

    Yes, I know, I should just upgrade, but the whole thing needs upgrading and one major hack we have would have to be rewritten.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MonsterMaxx View Post
    ~~The link software is not secure and any schmuck can 'report to moderator' with no user login.~~
    Links is very secure...

    Why don't you just turn off 'Can Report Links / Posts' in your links user group setting for unregistered users?

    EDIT: Sorry about that... I think you were editing your post at the same time as I was replying... I didn't notice you had an old version of links. Since I have a newer version I can't tell you what template to edit. Can't you just search for the phrase to figure out the variable you need to remove? Then search the templates for that variable.

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    I don't think that option is avail in V1.
    I did try turning off all access for unregistered users, maybe that'll help.

    I did those searches. Can't find it.

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    The code for reporting links would be in your misc.php file.

    if ($_POST['do'] == 'doreport')


    if ($_REQUEST['do'] == 'report')

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