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Thread: vBadvanced CMPS v3.2.0 Released!

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    Default vBadvanced CMPS v3.2.0 Released!

    vBadvanced is proud to announce the release of vBadvanced CMPS v3.2.0. One of the main focuses of this release was to make vBadvanced Dynamics modules more compatible and easier to use with the CMPS, which we believe has been accomplished. After upgrading to vBadvanced CMPS v3.2.0 and vBadvanced Dynamics v1.2.0, you will now see a 'vBa Dynamics Module' choice when clicking on the 'Add Module' link under your vBa CMPS options in the Admin CP. This will allow you to import any vBadvanced Dynamics module for use with the CMPS. Note that you must be running vBadvanced v3.2.0 and vBadvanced Dynamics v1.2.0 before you will see the new option to import vBadvanced Dynamics modules as a good number of changes have been made to both products in order to make this work.
    In addition to the updates for better compatibility with vBadvanced Dynamics modules, the following features have also been added:

    • "Drag & Drop" Custom Member Page Layouts - When adding or editing a CMPS page, you will now see a new option called 'Allow Page Customization' under the 'Main Options' section. When this setting is enabled, a new 'Customize This Page' link will appear on that CMPS page which will allow your members to create a custom layout for the page using a simple (but powerful) javascript "drag & drop" interface.
    • Admin CP Drag & Drop Modules - Instead of the old form based module positioning, you can now use a drag & drop javascript interface to arrange modules on your CMPS pages in the Admin CP. For those who prefer the old form based system, you can revert back to it by disabling the new 'Enable Drag & Drop Modules' setting (under Admin CP Options).
    • When adding or editing a page, you can now select to show/hide the page in the Site Navigation module (and any copies) with the other settings on the page instead of having to modify the module(s) settings separately.
    • New setting to enable collapsible pages in the Admin CP to help those with a large number of pages and sub-pages.
    • All currently known bugs & issues have been corrected.

    Files changed since v3.1.0
    • /forum/admincp/vba_cmps_admin.php
    • /forum/admincp/vbacmps_install.php
    • /forum/includes/vba_cmps_adminfunctions.php
    • /forum/includes/vba_cmps_global.php
    • /forum/includes/vba_cmps_include_bottom.php
    • /forum/includes/vba_cmps_include_template.php
    • /forum/includes/vba_cmps_include_top.php
    • /forum/modules/news.php
    • /forum/modules/onlineusers.php
    • /forum/modules/popular_tags.php
    • /forum/modules/recentthreads.php

    New Files
    • includes/clientscript/vba_cmps_dd.js
    • includes/clientscript/vba_cmps_admin_dd.js

    Templates changed since v3.1.0
    • adv_portal
    • adv_portal_module_wrapper

    New Templates
    • adv_portal_dragdrop_headinc

    Download v3.2.0
    As usual, current members will find the new version on the CMPS download page in the Members' Area here.

    Upgrade instructions may be found at the bottom of the readme_vba_cmps.html file that comes with the download package.
    For those who have customized the 'adv_portal' template, please note that you will need to manually add the following code to the 'adv_portal' template just below the $navbar variable in order to show the 'Customize This Page' link to your members.
    <if condition="$show['customizepagelink']">
    	<div align="$stylevar[right]" style="padding-top: $stylevar[cellpadding]px; padding-bottom: $stylevar[cellpadding]px">
    		<if condition="$show['customizepage']">
    			<a href="$show[customizepagelink]">$vbphrase[exit_customization_mode]</a>
    		<else />
    			<a href="$show[customizepagelink]">$vbphrase[customize_this_page]</a>
    Problems / Questions
    If you have any problems or questions regarding the release or installation, please create a new thread in the CMPS 3.0 support forums.
    Please DO NOT reply to this thread for support.
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    Wow it is wonderful thanks Brian I will upgrade now
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    Wow, thanks. I really look forward to try the "Drag & Drop" Custom Member Page Layouts", it sounds really amazing.

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    i think, you forget to give forum cmplete parth to your forum main option. re-check and read the installation notes.

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    Thanks for this update, works here without a problem. But just for your information, this file was changed too since 3.1.0:


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    Great upgrade Brian, very nice indeed!
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    The drag & drop stuff is one of the coolest things I've seen for a while.

    If you haven't checked it out yet, go the main page here at vBa ( and then in the upper-right above the right column click on the "Customize This Page" link. Have fun.

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    Tank You ....

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    Hmm something is odd on mine.

    When I go to customize the page I can not drag and drop anything like I can here on the homepage.

    When I try to drag and drop (after delecting customize this page) dragging anything just highlights them even though the screen has changed and I am in customize mode.

    Any ideas?

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    I'll take a look at the new toys in CMPS.
    I still have to install VB on the 2nd domain and think about a new style design.

    Thank You
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    Thank you.

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    ok, so am I blind?...Where are instructions that walk you through installing it from step 1?

    In the unzipped file, there is an html file called readme_vba_cmps.html, but, unless its in some obscure place, there are no instructions on installing it on the server there either.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me.

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    Looks Great Brian but I found the module editor has the issue that appeared in the 3.0 RC2 release where the drop down menus appeared as transparencies. I don't remember what the fix was but you got it fixed up last time....need it done again??? might have been on ticket 5223??? Love the drag and drop....very cool!!!
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    Is this saved in the database or is this cookie based on how the memebers wish the site to look?

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    Is there any way for a member to set a page layout back to the default view?

    Also as texas said cookie or DB based?

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    This is one of the most significant upgrades yet to vBa...well done Brian, this was out of the blue and quite unexpected.

    It works brilliantly, and it's very timely what with vBulletin's native CMS not far off.

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