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Thread: integrate to main page only?

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    Default integrate to main page only?

    How do I end up with the main page as the portal page? I'd like to have it as the only page with the "boxes".

    an example would be:

    I'd also like to find out how to set the vbadvanced page to my root directory

    i've followed the walkthrough in this forum (when i installed the vbulletin forum in the main directory instead) and i just managed to confuse myself

    (I've asked this question before but I've made some changes to my site and now I'm reinstalling everything)

    I also end up with 2 Forum links on the site navigation module when i followed the walkthrough..
    Was this caused by installing the vbulletin forum into the root directory?

    Extra info:

    the current domain name im using is "under" the original domain name that i registered
    which makes it looks like this on the ftp client "/public_html/"

    im not sure if that affects anything

    some guidance would be much appreciated

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    Sounds like you just need to follow the normal installation instructions with the CMPS in your root directory.

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    thanks got that problem fixed.. now all i need to do is have the "home" link actually link to my homepage xD

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