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Thread: BBCode to Search Links?

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    Default BBCode to Search Links?

    Is there any way of making a BBCode to search the links directory? If possible, I'd like people to be able to link to a search of the links directory from the forum.

    To put an example to it, newbie posts asking if someone knows of any good vBulletin forums. Other member posts [link="vbulletin"]check the links directory![/link] or [link]vbulletin[/link] with the bbcode linking to the Links Directory search results.

    Is it possible, or shall we just put up with the confused newbies for a bit longer?



    If this should be in the "Hacks and Modifications" forum please move it so

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    Shouldn't be hard to add if you use this code in the 'Replacement' section for your new BB code.
    <a href="/links/search.php?do=searchresults&amp;quicksearch=1&amp;string={param}">{param}</a>
    Note you may need to change the URL in that code if you've installed the links directory in a different location than /links on your server.

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    Sorted, cheers Brian. One change I made was to change the first {param} to {option}. Should be veeery useful

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