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Thread: vbadvncedi is the best when u want your site to be best

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    Thumbs up vbadvncedi is the best when u want your site to be best

    i use vbadvanced products , since they appeared in the net
    i will tell u my story before and after ...

    before vbavanced cmps:

    i use alot of product that can be used as homepage or as portal like : phpnuke,postnyke,mambo ,myphpnuje ,vbportal and others

    they are all can not be as smart as vbadvanced cmps
    they have alot of bugs and some of them with security issue and ofcourse they are not fully management and integrated with vbulletin as vbadvanced cmps

    i use vbadvanced cmps with vba links,vba dynamic and also vba gallery before it goes to photopost

    my site is improvement as i need 10000%

    did u know how much i spent to hire coder to make news content , health content and others?
    more than 3000$

    vba dynamic make me improve my sites with its great features multiple instances

    with this great product for only less than 70$
    i now have on my site more than 8 services , every service with sybdomain and vba dynamic manage the contents
    i use it for:
    and others services
    also soon for classifieds i will drop photopost classifieds and use vba dynamic for this service
    also download management it will be the next improvement i will use vba dynamic for it

    so before this product what i will do to make the same services?
    i will pay more than 10000$ for feature like this and i am sure then there will be alot of bugs,bad coding and bad poor support

    do not hesitate
    just purchase vba dynamic and you will see the difference , i am sure

    what about vba links?
    it is wonderful product to manage links and no directory script can have the great features that vba links has

    did you know something
    i hope that BRIAN who is the best coder i have seen to make new product like advertising management so we can manage banners and others related to
    because i am sure he will make perfect product as usual

    Thank you Brian
    Thank you

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    Could you give me the link to your site? I am the same with you. I have used phpnuke, postnuke.... and I am switching from vbportal to VBA now.

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