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Thread: suggest : new purchase addons for specific use

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    Default suggest : new purchase addons for specific use

    i suggest to make more addons by vbadvanced that support vba dyna multi instance

    and we will pay for it as optional addons

    this addon may help us in specific using of vba dyna for examples:

    1.module that support auction features for using vba dyna as classifieds as multi instance

    2.addon for make username hidden for specific usergroup in entries so this help when we use vba dyna instance as news

    3.addon for rss posts like vbulleti and this help when we use vba dyna as rss content management

    4,addon for download file that enable vba dyna as programs manegemnt , i already use paid addon for this

    5.addon to make ability when attachement has mp3 to be play online

    alot of thoughts already been disscussion so i think vbadvanced at least can support paid addons and i think people can purchase for this additional services

    i hope sitemap and other things also
    we wait for new major features

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    also vbtube like service by adding addon that can make users upload vedio then by using mplayer or ffmpeg in the server to make it flv file
    like youtube and clipshare script

    this is major great addon if done i will be the first that i use in vba dyna instance for video and ofcourse i will delet clipshare whicj i use now

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    also :
    answers features for user to submit question and then choose the best answer , the owner of best answer will get points that could be calculate through vbexpirence and others

    also ability to use external files to be download through attachement so it will be count how many clicked and also with permission to download or not

    it is more than one year and no new features for vbdynamic !

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    i just upgrade to vbulletin 4

    could you plz add features to use :
    1.admanager , advertizing service from vbulletin whech is used to manage the advertize
    2.sitemap for every instance of vbadynamic
    3.share services like tweeter,google,yahoo,facebook
    4.ability to use facebook services : like,recommended

    all those i have to add it manualy but you can make it as vbulletin do
    thank you

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